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The Connect Book Club
Joining the bookclub
The administrative E-Mail address is bookclub.connect 'at'

If you are interested in receiving invitations to the book club meetings, please give your name and indicate which group you want to join. A profile page will be created for you where you can check your invitations and configure your e-mail address. You can also select the group you are in on your profile page.

Ideally, the invitations are sent at least a week prior to the meeting. The upcoming books are listed on this web site. If you want e-mail notification of the upcoming books, you may wish to sign up for the connect newsletter.

Many thanks go to Kerry-Ann for originally starting the group. Later Christiane took over and is largely responsible for setting up this web page. Jon led group one for several years. He also developed the interactive web interface (based on Christiane's original pages). Steve and Savannah now jointly lead group one. Janny started group two and now Tally is leading it. Group three is jointly run by Anthony and Paraskevi. Many thanks to all who have participated and attended over the years.

Book Club News
Date Poster Message
2018-12-28 jon-nj A new Wordpress plug-in has been deployed which replaces the first-level functionality (the links at the top of this page). The formatting still needs revision and the "finding books" page is still "todo". But this is the first milestones to moving everything into Wordpress.
2018-12-21 jon-nj Changes to the code should correct for compatibility for PHP 7.2. A deprecated function was replaced. Several functions now explicitly use "static". Our site will be updated in the near future.
2018-09-03 jon-nj Sorry, it's been a while since I wrote any news. Our main site is now WordPress. I've started working on a plugin to migrate all of this into WordPress. WP would not install with MySQL 4, so we created a second database for MySQL 5. Today I moved the bookclub data into this database. This will make it easier to access the data from the plugin. My plan for the plugin is that there are two phases. The first (and easiest) will be all the pages you can click on above. Eventually I want to move the other pages as well but I haven't learned yet how to do all that.
2015-05-09 jon-nj A problem was fixed with quoting/escaping. This was caused by the new database module. In fact, there were originally two bugs that cancelled each other out. But the new database module only fixed one of the bugs. Also, there is a new feature in the admin console for sending group e-mails.
2015-04-25 jon-nj The database module has been completely rewritten. This affects every page. Although it was tested extensively locally there are always differences with the real server. There may be a period where small problems are encountered. I should get an e-mail now if there are any database problems. Otherwise, send an e-mail if you notice anything.
2015-03-14 jon-nj Several changes to the website were implemented so please advise if you notice any problems. Preparations have been made for a fourth group. Hopefully a problem with timezones in the iCal has been fixed. Non-responding participants are no longer shown on the RSVP page.
2014-11-16 jon-nj My apologies to anyone who has not gotten their invitations by e-mail. I am actively researching the problem. I have advised those sending out e-mails how to recognize the problem so they can resend invitations which didn't get sent. You should always be able to see your invitations from your profile page and RSVP from there.
2014-02-18 jon-nj Group three has finally gotten started! If you are already a member you can add this on your profile page. If you are new, just mention that you want to join group three.
2013-11-18 jon-nj Just uploaded a major rewrite of the code used to make these web pages. Let me know if you experience any problems.
2013-09-29 jon-nj There is a new "Previous books" page that shows book covers and divides the list into years and groups.
2013-09-28 jon-nj I took out the "This month's book" page. "Forthcoming books" has been revised and has more complete information. A new "FAQ" page has been added.
2013-09-22 jon-nj I have made a few small improvements to the site recently.
• Your profile page now lists forthcoming books for your groups.
• The "summary" web page which was used when you clicked on a link for book information has been replaced with a new "book" page which is simpler and smarter about navigating back to the source page. It also lists other books by the same author.
• Some changes that are not yet visible will eventually allow you to add yourself to upcoming meetings of a group if you activate it.
I have a few other improvements in mind for when I get some time.
2012-08-05 jon-nj Hopefully, a bug has been fixed for sending out e-mails when the name has special characters. The name may display oddly if your e-mail program cannot handle UTF8, but the e-mail should be received. A doodle was sent for those in group 1 for hosting in the upcoming months. Also a request for book suggestions.
2012-05-30 jon-nj Group one is open again. We are also planning a third group.
2012-02-06 felidae02 I have added some info to the Book Club invitation for Norwegian Wood on Friday 17th
2012-01-31 jon-nj The bug for reading e-mail invitations using google webmail has been fixed. Freenet webmail still has a problem, but I believe they have a bug. The profile configuration for e-mail format now works, so you can disable features you don't want. Now you can also resend the invitation from the rsvp page. A bug with waiting lists has been fixed. Also, when you are taken off the waiting list you will now get a courtesy e-mail.
2012-01-28 jon-nj Members can now personally edit their user profiles (name, e-mail) and see upcoming events. Links will eventually be sent around, but if you open an RSVP link you can now bring up your profile by clicking on your name. Save the link.
2012-01-24 jon-nj February e-mail invitations for group two have been sent. Those who use google mail web interface may have had some problems seeing the e-mail. My apologies. It will be fixed by next month.
2012-01-15 jon-nj February invitations for group one have been sent out. Group two for January is full now. If you sign up, you will be put on the waiting list. But there is always a chance someone will cancel.
2011-12-11 jon-nj All invitations have now been sent out for the January meetings. If you haven't gotten your invitation yet, please contact me. Seating is limited (for both groups). But both groups also have plans to change venue if they get too full.
2011-11-19 jon-nj Last night group one picked five books for February through June. February - Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, March - Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow, April - Death in the Andes by Mario Vargas Llosa, May - The Ginger Man by J. P. Donleavy, June - House of the Mosque by Kader Abdolah.
2011-11-19 jon-nj The character encoding has been changed for several pages to allow more international characters. There were some problems but I think I have found and fixed them all. If you notice any problems with the web site, always feel free to contact me.
2011-11-14 jon-nj The short-list for group one was sent out on the discussion list. (1) The cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway. (2) Norwegian Wood by Haruki Marukami. (3) The House of the Mosque by Kader Abdolah. (4) Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow.
2011-11-10 janny The connect Berlin book club is getting a new leader! Some of you may know her already. It is Tally. She will take over my part in gathering you all around the table to discuss great literature. Tally, have an enjoyable time and thank you very much for offering your kind support! In my case I will come to join the group as time allows and I am very excited to hear your opinion about the books we read. See you soon, Janny
2011-11-06 jon-nj Invitations have gone out for Group Two - The Dying Animal on Nov. 22nd. If you don't get the e-mail, please contact Jon ASAP. There is limited seating, so it is first-come, first served.
2011-11-04 jon-nj Instead of "The Hunger Games", group two will be reading The Dying Animal by Philip Roth. See Forthcoming books for an up-to-date list.
There has been some discussion about starting a third group. This option is still open, but will not be done yet. Anyone interested in leading this group should contact Jon at the administrative e-mail address.