Bits and Bobs

Wear a mask!

We are taking a small pause this week, the next Online Stammtisch is scheduled for the 17th of July. Check the calendar for details. I want to take the chance to remind our American members that they should request an absentee ballot early/now because with the current situation there may be more delay than usual. Go to Vote from Abroad to start the process online. It is quite easy. You get a PDF which you can print and mail.

For those in the Book Club there is also some news. We are migrating away from the pure PHP application. All of the functionality is now available in WordPress. You are encouraged to go to your profile page and follow the link to create a WordPress account. Eventually, the PHP application will be removed. I hope to add some new functionality in the WordPress version.

Enjoy your weekend. Take a walk. Ride a bike. Go for a swim. If you have some inside activity, Wear a Mask!!!! We want you to be safe.