Book club contact

Joining the Book club

The administrative E-Mail address is bookclub.connect ‘at’

If you are interested in receiving invitations to the book club meetings, please send us an email from the account you wish to use and include first and last name. A sign-up link will be sent to you. Create a WordPress account, log in and then go to the “Book Club” profile page in the dashboard. Select the groups you are interested in. You will see a list of books scheduled for each group you are interested in.

Because we are meeting in people’s homes, we are asking you to provide real information. We are not anonymous. In order to protect the privacy of the hosts, please be aware that we reserve the right to delete or block your account if it is deemed suspicious.

Also please be aware that some of the meetings may be private or priority. In this case, the RSVP may be limited to a core group. Assuming the meeting is public, the organizer of the group should send you an invitation by email containing information about the next meeting with an RSVP link. The link will also be visible on your profile page. RSVP links to other public meetings will also be listed there.

Ideally, the invitations are sent at least a week prior to the meeting. The upcoming books are listed on our web site and on your book club profile page.


Many thanks go to Kerry-Ann for originally starting the group. Later Christiane took over and is largely responsible for setting up the original web page. Jon led Group One for several years and also developed the server software. Meanwhile Savannah and Steve have taken over that group. Janny started group two and now Tally is leading it. Group three is jointly run by Anthony and Jutta. Group four is run by Ingrid. Many thanks to all who have participated and attended over the years.


Jon developed the original stand-alone web app based on the static web pages created by Christiane. He also developed the new software as a WordPress plug-in.

The plug-in is being developed as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Eventually it will be published (probably) on Github, but anyone interested in using it or assisting in development should contact him at the address above and include “Attention WebAdmin”.

News about the development is also posted here.