Book Club News

April 30
New chat feature. Backup DB feature. Fix create event from date where inactive users were being added. (commit 249039b8 - now using github/gitlab hash and repositories)
April 6
By default with WordPress, users can configure a personal icon at We haven't been using avatars until now, but I hope to use them in new features. The Gravatar solution IMHO is not good for privacy. I installed a new plugin that lets you upload one locally. Check your WordPress profile. You may also wish to set a "Display Name". In the future, other users may see this even if you don't join an event. As always, feedback is welcome.
March 5
Sending emails/invitations now has cancel button when job starts, fix RSVP click button icon was setting to "maybe", JS changes/improvements, send/rsvp logs handled differently, better nonce handling (commit 912e16b5cd)