Book Club

Welcome to the Connect Book Club!

At the Connect Book Club you will meet other people who share a passion for literature. Each month we read a different book then meet to discuss it. We have three active groups which run independently but our membership overlaps. A page has been setup for each group.

  • Group 1 usually meets the second or third Friday of the month (19:00).
  • Group 2 usually meets the second Wednesday (19:00).
  • Group 3 is now on hiatus.
  • Group 4 usually meets on the third Wednesday (19:30).
  • Group 5 is now on hiatus.

Of course, dates and times may change so please check your invitation. If you would like to join, please see the contact page.

When you join, a WordPress account is created. Login and look for “Book Club” in the dashboard. You can select which group or groups you wish to be invited to. Please be aware that some of the groups are fairly full and may not be offering invitations to everyone even though you have signed up.

At the moment we are not able to send invitations to gmail. Please either use a different email provider or log in to check your invitations online.

The problem with gmail may have been fixed but it needs to be tested.

Private means that a restricted core group will be invited. Priority is similar but the meetings are opened some number of hours prior to the start.

Members take turns hosting the book club. The hosts are only responsible for the venue, but usually also provide plates, silverware and perhaps hot drinks. The guests should bring snacks or drinks. Attendance is usually limited to ensure seating for all. When a meeting is scheduled, you should get an invitation e-mail with a link to RSVP. The link will also be on your profile page in case the e-mail is not delivered. After the limit is reached, you may still sign up. But you will be put on a waiting list. If you are registered but decide you cannot come, please be sure to de-RSVP so someone else can get the seat.