The Creative Club

for everyone: with or without talent / experience

language is not a problem

So don’t be afraid

Creativity just for fun

Or to use as a tool for change

Creative mediums are ideally suited for just having fun – or to be used purely as tools with which to bring some personal change.

That change can be whatever your needs are.

A few change examples are:

stress releasing, relaxation, pain control, dealing with relationship or personal issues, fears, depression, exam/learning/study blocks or difficulties, insecurity, self-esteem, anger, love issues, loneliness, letting go, unhappiness, image issues, family….and whatever your personal need is.

Some creative medium examples are (just for fun – or – just as tool):

Creative writing = my story, short story, nonsense story, poetry, vision story, I am story…whatever

Journaling = art/scribble/photo/paint/word journals,

Collages = cloth, photo, text, cut-out, structure, glitter, powders, objects…whatever

Paint = water/oil/gouache/children’s/food colouring/finger paint/photo paint/word paint…whatever

Draw = scribble/doodle/sketch/ink/pastel/pen/charcoal/coloured pencils…with and how whatever

Sound/music = instruments (even if can’t play them), objects, pots/pans, anything, noise…whatever

Photo/Film/Digital Software = Photo journaling, experiment/cheap cameras, expressive/crazy…whatever


Well we have no space available so the main idea is that we work alone on our own theme or in small groups – and I am available to give personal help, assistance, advice – and then we all meet on a regular basis for group support/exchange/ideas/help (at a café/restaurant/?, or maybe at someone’s home if they are willing and can do this).

Additionally maybe we come up with ideas how we could all meet to do (creative) things together – such as in a park in the summer, or?

Let us see, be creative with this…..


Then contact:

Alan (Cookson)

email: meetings4creativity (at) gmail (.) (com)