Hello world!

Hi folks. As many of you know, on 25th, May 2018 new laws come into effect (see Wikipedia General Data Protection Regulation). We are happy that Europe takes serious steps to protect our privacy. But of course, these laws apply to all creatures great and small. Big companies have the resources to pay people to fix all the problems. We don’t.

How does this apply to us? The main points I am aware of at the moment are cookies and protection of user data. As far as cookies are concerned, we mostly weren’t using any – but we did have the forum and that uses cookies. We can’t really fix this quickly so at least for the moment we will shut the forum down. I know this sucks but we weren’t using it that much. We might bring it back in the future.

In the past, we sent out a newsletter. People had to sign up for this. But this is very old software and it was not written with GDPR in mind. And we haven’t sent out any newsletters for a long time. So this is gone too.

There are some other points we are looking at but I don’t want to bore you with details. The short message of this is that we are updating our web site. We will now use WordPress. So that uses cookies, but there is a plug-in to tell you this. There are all kinds of plug-ins and maybe we will be able to bring back some of the things we are removing. It is much easier for people to edit the web site and I hope people are happy with the changes.