Online Stammtisch

Greetings dear Connect-ers. Your favourite English Stammtisch has been on hiatus now for more than two months. Our dear leader has been trapped in Brexit land and restaurants have been closed. A few of us have discussed whether we can start meeting again in Beergartens at some point now that the lock-down is being eased. Of course, it would be difficult to communicate when we are all separated by 1,5 meters. But perhaps later in the Summer the restrictions will be reduced.

In other words, there is not much news other than what you could already guess. But we are still keen to get the ball rolling and start making plans. It would also be so lovely to see all of our friends online. Probably most of us have already been doing this using Zoom, Jitsi, Slack, etc. The book clubs have all moved online already.

So we have decided to schedule an online meeting of our regular Stammtisch for the 28th of May at a slightly earlier time, 19h CET or 6PM for UK and Ireland. We will probably use Jitsi because this allows everyone to join without installing special software. But the exact details are still being determined. Of course, our dear friends in the UK and Ireland are also welcome.

To avoid “Zoom bombing”, we will not put the details on the web site. But we will send out E-mail to some of our regulars. If you want to make sure you are included, send an E-mail to me. I will be checking the forum E-mail address – forumadmin -at-

Headphones are recommended to avoid feedback. It also helps to mute yourself when you are not talking to avoid picking up extraneous noise. And the joke these days is to recommend that people don’t forget to wear pants. It should be possible to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Some problems have been reported for Firefox, but I use this and haven’t had any problems. Other browsers will probably also work. I don’t know how well this will work with a smart phone, but you are welcome to try.

Hope to see you Thursday.