Paul’s Bog Adventure

Everyone who knows Paul appreciates his sense of humour and his engaging stories. Since moving to Ireland he has been honing himself to the peak of physical perfection by going to the gym three days a week. He also quite enjoys a nice long walk in the countryside.

Bog Man – Not an actual photograph of Paul

One evening on one of these walk abouts he managed to get himself turned around in the bogs and wasn’t sure which direction was home. It started raining and he had no “brolly” with him. On top of this he began sinking into the mire up to his knees. He managed to pull his foot out sans boot. So he narrowly avoided ending up as a future “bog man”. But thousands of years from now when the area is excavated by alien archaeologists and the boot is discovered, they will be scratching their heads wondering which kind of strange creatures these were that hopped around on only one foot.

Paul managed to come across a fence. Where there’s a fence, there must eventually be civilization. He followed it along and ultimately came upon a lone farm house. The occupant there took pity on him and offered him a “cuppa” tea. At this point it was already daylight.

There was a road nearby so he started to walk back towards town. Would you ever stop to pick up a dishevelled hitch-hiker wearing a single boot? But the Irish are very “sympathisch” and eventually a kind woman pulled over and offered him a lift. His absence had not gone unnoticed. They were already announcing that a man was missing on the radio. So he has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

I’m sure I haven’t done justice to Paul’s story. And I have probably committed errors of omission and commission. Paul would love to hear from Connect-ers and I am authorized to pass along his contact details to those in our group. You should hear the story first-hand.

Paul still enjoys a nice walk through the bogs but he knows his way around better now.

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