Social Distancing

Sir Isaac Newton

For those of us privileged to live in one of the world’s great cities, one of the advantages is the sheer number of activities that are available to engage in. Of course there is also the opposite side of the coin, living in a big city can create an amount of social isolation. “Social distancing” is exactly what Connect was designed to combat.

Perhaps a bit “Last Days of Pompeii,” I went out four days out of five last week. Numbers were sparse for our normal Stammtisch, but with fewer people you also have a chance to get to know people better. I had sad news Friday. One of the people at one of the events I went to now has some “symptoms”. Just to pre-answer – it was not Connect and I don’t think I was exposed.

I have already been social distancing – not shaking hands, not touching my face (Oh this itch is killing me but it is right at my eye!), washing my hands whenever I go anywhere, keeping my distance on the U-Bahn and taking a shower when I get home. I hope that you are all taking measures to keep healthy.

In 1665, Isaac Newton studied at home in Woolsthorpe because his university in Cambridge had closed as a precaution against the Great Plague. During this time, he began to work out some of the mathematical foundations of what would become Calculus. He would have probably done it anyway. And Leibniz also helped develop Calculus, but I am looking for silver linings.

If bars and restaurants are closed, we probably will need to resort to more “online” ways of getting together. One advantage here could be that we don’t need to be separated by physical distance. I’ll try to post an update when I have any news about any plans we have.

Update: I think restaurants are still open, bars are not. Another restriction on activities (Paragraph III) was added last night that might apply to us. I think, actually, that it applies more to private clubs and meeting rooms and not to friends getting together in public restaurants. But I have cleared the calendar of future meetings. Nothing to stop you from still showing up, but you are on your own. Use your own judgement. Stay safe!