More about us


The average “Connectee” has two arms, two legs, a head with two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth – but there is one thing all of us have in common: We like to speak English.
Some of us are native speakers of English who for one reason or the other happen to live here, some of us have spent longer periods of time in English speaking countries, some of us just happen to like the language – but we all like the open, friendly atmosphere of Connect.
And that’s all what it’s about: We meet, we chat, we meet new people or we renew and deepen acquaintances. Our weekly meetings are in a Pub or a Beer Garden, so there’s usually also one or the other drink involved, but that’s no must.
No registration, no entrance fee, no dress code – just show up and enjoy.


As someone once said: Connect is more than a drinking club. True, it is – but still, the major activity of Connect is the weekly meeting in a Pub (in winter) or a beer garden (in summer). These meetings are every Thursday from 19:30h onwards.
During the summer (roughly Mai-September), we meet in a different beer garden every week (always check out this site – or collect a leaflet at one of our meetings).
But there’s more:

  • Once a month, usually the first Sunday, Breakfast Club meets for breakfast-and-a-chat.
  • The Museum Club broadens our cultural horizon… Dates vary, but usually it’s the second Sunday every month. See the listings in the newsletter, the forum and the calendar.
  • The Connect Book Club – or rather the book clubs (currently three groups) meet once a month. If you have a passion for English literature and love discussing books have a look at the website and register.
  • The Film Club does … guess what? … right – meet up and enjoy a movie together. Currently on hold, the former organiser had to quit due to time constraints, we need one or two volunteers to organise these meetings
  • The brand new Creative Wellbeing meetings want you to use your creative side to broaden your life
  • The Dinner Club has become independent – very nice and delishious evenings out, also once a month, but no regular date

Some of these activities and branching groups require registration – the dinner club is usually booked out really fast, Ros (organiser of the breakfast club) appreciates some warning on the number of seats she should reserve, the book club expects you to have read the book by the evening it is scheduled to be discussed, etc. For some events we do charge, especially for the BBQ and the xmas party – unfortunately supermarkets and bars don’t give us things for free.
There are many other ideas – a cooking club, a crafts group, parent/baby meetings, walking / sightseeing tours, treasure hunt, paddling tour, etc. Any ideas are appreciated, and volunteers / organisers even more. We (the committee) will do our best to help and support, but unfortunately we also have to work for our living, so we simply cannot implement every good plan that pops up. Help us!


It all started with her:

Aoibhinn McGee, born and raised in Ireland
Aoibhinn moved to Berlin around 1998. She found a job in an Irish Pub and just had a good time – until her son Jules was born in January 2000. Waitressing was out of question then, of course. And as much as she loves her son, she felt that she needed just a little bit more social input.
So she set an ad in zitty and tip, made some flyers and called for the very first Connect meeting on October 11, 2000. To her great amazement, about 70 people showed up… and Connect grew really fast: Less than a year later, there were more than 400 people in the database, and the weekly meetings had an average of 50 or so.
In 2002, she went on with her mission “Connect – The Next Generation” and got pregnant again. The twins were born in May 2003. As three little kids are a full-time job already, she had to cut short, and Connect was taken over by a committee. We do our best to continue making Connect a friendly, welcoming place.
For several reasons, we decided to “go legal” and founded Connect – The English Speakers Cultural Club, Berlin e.V. in the fall of 2003. (See below)

Friendship / Membership

To answer the most frequent question first: You don’t have to register and you don’t have to become a member. ALL our events are open for everyone.
We regard everyone as a friend of Connect (AKA “Connectee”) who signs up for the newsletter, comes to the weekly meetings or to the other events.
But since 2003, Connect is also a registered club. All Connectees are welcome to become full members, which includes special rates for the major events and, for instance, for the Connect T-shirt, early bird ticketing opportunities, the right to vote at the annual meeting, the right to stand up for the committee, etc.

As mentioned already: Guests are always welcome at every meeting and every other event. Please give a donation (1 € is appropriate) into the kitty box – we do have some administration costs (this web site, for instance, or postage, banking fees, or down money for parties) and it’s simply not fair to let the full members pay for everything.

If this concept of a registered club simply puzzles you, ask any committee member; personally, at the meetings, or per mail: committee[at]Connectberlin[dot]de
If you want to have a look at the constitution, you can view or download the English version or the German version here.