Book Club Group 5 – Always Online

My original incentive for starting this group was to handle overflow, people who want to join group 1 but aren’t being included on a regular basis. Because of this, originally we would read the same book and meet a week or two later. I could manage this myself because I would have already read the book, but eventually I will hand it off to someone else.

In these days where many of us do home office and only socialize online, my idea was that this group would almost only meet online (with some exceptions). This would allow people outside Berlin to join. Ideally they should have some connection to Berlin or Germany, but it would not be a requirement. I also don’t want to take members away from the other groups, but everyone will always be welcome.

Meeting online can be very anonymous. This makes it difficult to get to know people and make friends. This group will be the opposite of that.

We will meet on Jitsi. You don’t need to have your camera on the whole time. But try not to be too camera shy. Let’s spend a little time talking about our families, our friends, our interests, our pets, our strong points and our flaws. This will take time away from the book discussion, but maybe we will schedule additional meetings where we don’t talk about the book. Maybe we will also discuss movies as well.

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or need technical help with Jitsi. Our first book will be in January but we should meet before that to start get to know each other and talk about our plans.

Jitsi can probably be used from your web browser. You do not need an account. There could be some problems using Firefox, but try it out if that is your preference as it is mine. The app “Jitsi Meet” seems to work well and it is available for all platforms and smart phones. Contact Jon using the bookclub admin email address for support.