FAQ Book club questions

What is the book club?

The book club is one of the regular events organized by Connect. As the name suggests, we read and discuss books. We meet once a month, usually in someone’s home. For this reason, attendance has to be limited. We currently are split into four groups.

Are there any costs?

Connect is an eingetragener Verein (e.V.). We do not charge for our events. Of course, in a book club you will probably be buying books. The club has low expenses so we have stopped asking for paid memberships. But there may be a piggy bank sometimes at the Thursday Stammtisch. Please also support other Connect events with your attendance.

What happens at the book club?

You are expected to be prompt. Usually people get a snack and a drink and greet each other. If there are new faces, we do a short round of self introductions. The discussion also begins by having another go around. This way everyone has had at least one chance to say whether they liked the book and give their impressions without too many interruptions.

The book discussion is a free ranging, but the moderator will try to keep it centered on the book. After this there may be some business such as picking new books. When the business is over, we just talk and relax until we get tired or the host kicks us out.

What language do we speak at the meeting?

Connect events are in English. Most of us also speak German and no one will scold you for speaking some other language.

What kinds of books do you read?

Most of our books are fiction, novels. Group four reads only memoirs. You can see a list of previously read books at this link to get an impression. The book should be available in paperback and it must be available in English. This does not mean you have to read the book in English. You may even prefer audio books.

Normally the book should not be longer than what one could comfortably read in a month, perhaps 400 pages. But we may read longer books when there are breaks such as over December or in the Summer.

The most important thing about the book is that it should provoke discussion. There may be good books that you enjoy reading, but that just don’t provide fodder for discussion. Sometimes many people have disliked some of the books we have read. But in spite of this we have had very interesting discussions.

How do you choose your books?

Each group decides itself. Suggestions may be sent to the group leader and perhaps a “doodle” is used to pick which ones we actually read.

We have a few “Google group” e-mail lists but normally they are not very active.

How do I join the book club?

Just send an e-mail. Information is on the contact page. There are four groups. (You can join all four if you like.) Please be sure to give your name and indicate which group you want to be in. A “profile” page will be created where you can configure your preferences such as e-mail address, etc.

How will I know what books we are reading?

Please visit the “forthcoming books” web page. The books for your group(s) will also be listed on your profile page and this will be a more complete list because some results may be filtered on the general page.

How will I know where the meeting is?

Meeting arrangements may be somewhat “last minute”. Once everything about the meeting is organized, an RSVP page is created. You will get an e-mail with all the information. There will also be a link to the RSVP from your profile page. The goal is that the information is sent out at least a week prior to the event.

Can I just show up?

Seating is limited. We welcome everyone, but we ask you to reserve a seat using the RSVP web page. There is a link in the e-mail invitation and usually you should be able to just click on it if you are connected to the internet.

What happens if I see that I’m on the waiting list?

You wait. And hope. Usually people drop out. It is also important that if you aren’t on a waiting list and you drop out, that you unregister on the web page so that someone else can get the seat. You should get an automatic e-mail if you are taken off the waiting list, but the RSVP page has the most reliable information.

How do I leave the book club?

There are two options. On your profile page you can set your status to “Not active”. This requires no action on my part and you are free to set yourself back to active whenever you like. You will not receive invitations while you are inactive. If you want to have your profile removed, you will need to send an e-mail.

How private is my data?

We try to protect your privacy, the book club e-mail list is only used for the book club. The invitations are generated individually so no one else sees your e-mail address. But I don’t want to promise that there will never be any slip ups. Other people in your group will see your name when an event is scheduled. We are not anonymous. We meet in people’s homes. We are friends.

If you have an further questions, please contact us.