We stopped meeting on a regular basis.

We are looking for one or more people to organise the group. If you are interested, please contact the committee.

Regular Meeting The goal is to watch English-language movies in their original version and afterwards go somewhere to discuss the film.

We plan to go to the York-Kinogruppe mostly, since they show a lot of original versions and not only blockbusters made in Hollywood. We aim for the 6/6:30pm showings every other Monday, so the discussions will not get too late. We will post the movie we will watch by Friday and will meet 15 minutes before the movie in the cinema entrance. Afterwards we can decide together where to go to have a drink and talk. In the summer we plan to frequent the Open-Air Kinos and (hopefully) sit outside. Please also let everyone who might be interested know that we need an email address to put them on the mailing list.

See you soon!!!

General Information

What is the Connect Film Club?

The Connect Film Club is a branching group of Connect The English Speakers Social Club. The Connect Film Club devotes its activity to what the name suggests: film. Watching films – normally in their English original – together and afterwards discussing them is the core activity, bringing people with a common interest in film together is the objective.

What does the Connect Film Club do?

The centrepiece of the club are its regular meetings: Mondays every two weeks, we meet to watch a film at some Berlin cinema, mostly in one of the York Kinogruppe cinemas. In addition, we plan to organize events under the title “Connect Film Club Special”. These include video nights, visits to exhibitions, special screenings, festivals, previews etc.

How do I join the Connect Film Club?

You don’t. You just come along to one of the meetings.

What does membership in the Connect Film Club cost?

Nothing. You only pay for your cinema or exhibition ticket. That’s all.

How do I keep informed about upcoming events of the Connect Film Club?

  1. By joining the Connect Film Club mailing list. Just email to cinema [at] connectberlin [dot] de and you’ll get an email with the information for film/cinema/meeting-time of the next meetings.
  2. By regularly checking this website.