Fortuna Berlin
Fortuna Berlin
Book for May 2015
Group 2
After American John de Paor quits his job of seventeen years, lets his house go into foreclosure, breaks up with his long-term girlfriend and moves to Berlin, a world stranger than he'd ever imagined opens up to him. Wild, never-ending nightlife, prostitutes, street performers, barroom philosophers, shell-game hucksters, and finally an unplanned pregnancy and a heartwrenching battle to be in the life of his child, Fortuna Berlin is a classic portrayal of life in Europe in the 2010s told from the perspective of a poet and aspiring novelist in search of ever-elusive Lady Fortune.
About the Author
M. P. Powers
M.P. Powers was born in Aurora, Illinois on August 11th, 1971. He lived there until he was 14, and then moved with his family to South Florida. Over the next 25 years, he lived in various parts of Florida, working various jobs, and then at age 39 he moved to Berlin, Germany, where he currently resides. His poetry has been published in The New York Quarterly, Rosebud, Menacing Hedge, A-Minor, Underground Voices, Word Riot, Mas Tequila Review, Dressing Room Journal, and many other places. Fortuna Berlin is his first novel.