Brexit Flash Mob

On the eve of Brexit, a little birdie informs me there will be a flash mob at midnight in front of the British Embassy to sing “An die Freude” / Ode to Joy. It was good to see U. last night, whom I haven’t seen for quite a while. I think an interesting topic for this column would be to catch up with old Connect-ers who moved away, or even those who are still around. But I will ask permission before I post about them here so I can use a first name instead of just an initial.

One topic last night was vegans / vegetarians. This seems to have become very popular in Berlin, especially within the last few years. K. offered some book recommendations. We talked a bit about changes in Germany since “Die Wende”, some places in the East, a bit of history about the “Ostsiedlung”, living in Czechia, Holocaust Remembrance, Polish politics and several other topics.

Anyone interested in a trip to a museum, please get in touch. The Brunch is planned for the 16th of February so let Katja know if you plan to come so she can adjust the reservation.

I have reworked many of the pages on our web site. It has been planned to integrate the book club software into WordPress. Testing for the next phase is complete so book club members at some point will see a link on their profile page to create WP accounts.

I hope next time to have some news from Ireland.